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An article on erunner’s blog by our friend Randall Slack.


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YoGabbaGabba is insane. Yet my 4 year old son loves it.


Every time I watch this show, I think that there must be a heavy influence of drugs in the writing.


I really needed to just get that off my chest.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I really like playing the guitar. I realized that this past Sunday when I had the chance to play some Christmas songs at an old folks home. I used to play all the time. 10 or 12 years, can’t remember anymore, on a worship team, every Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I used to be good too. I miss doing that for some strange reason.

Do you have a habit/sport like that? Something you wish you could pick up again?

Sunday Stories

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This is an old weekly thread I used to put up on SMP. The idea is to tell everyone about your Sunday.

Missio Dei is having a “Church Without Walls” day, in which the family will be taking off to one of three events. Feeding the homeless, visiting residents at the old folks home, and helping fix up a house for a woman in need.

I will let you know how it goes later.

What is your Sunday story?

The Fam…

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Enjoy the pointless video first…






Dr. Slack



The Ugliest Mug On The Planet


If there are more, feel free to add, and I will update! Thanks!

Jesus! Er… Uh… TEBOW!

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And it seems they can’t keep them on the shelf.

My mother was in tears tonight because she saw Jets and Broncos after the game, circled in the field, praying. Together.

I don’t know if these $150 jerseys are poking fun, or promoting Jesus, or just silly, but hey, the kid won another game all by himself tonight.

So there’s that…


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